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Health Benefit of Water Leaf and Moringa Leaf

God has blessed nature in numerous  ways in other to cater for man healthy needs on Earth. Everything about nature require humans time and efforts for it to be discover for human benefit. Nature has varieties of herbs to nourish man on earth physically and spiritually, people who know the benefit of herbal medicine look healthier and performing every well in their day to day activities.

Let us examine the  mixture of Moringa and Water leaf with  milk to treat some deadly disease, this herbal remedy has been very helpful and there is no harm in trying.

Method of Preparations.

Get a handful of water leaf and moringa leaf fresh ones rinse thoroughly in saline water then put into a pot and add about 1 litre of water. Boil for 20 minutes, then bring it down and drain the water from it.

Take a cup of the tea and add 2 tablespoon of liquid evaporated milk or liquefy your powdered milk by dissolving 1 full spoon in 15ml of water then add to the tea. Take twice daily (morning and night).

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Alternatively dry the leaves under room temperature for about 2-3 days then grind into powder. Take a glass of boiled water add 2 tablespoon full of the powdered leaf and 2 tablespoon of liquid evaporated milk or dissolve powdered milk as explained above and add to it. Take twice daily (morning and night).

Health Benefit of this Herbal Tea:

It helps regulate and normalise blood sugar level.

It helps to improve eye vision due to the high content of vitamin A.

It contains anti Inflammatory properties hence can be employed to treat ulcer (main purpose of the mixture)

It also contains vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system.

It contains enzyme which helps to calm your nerves when stressed out and reduce your Cortisol level.

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