This is a new epoch which the infinite mercy and grace of our Creator has granted us to experience. This question is always one of the first, because the vast majority of people would be only too glad to throw off all responsibility, and cast it on anything rather than themselves.

Majority of us embark on journey of resolution lacking discipline and focus physically and spiritually as a result of enslaving their free will given to us to guide this One Power which streams through all that exists, animating and furthering it  (Creation).

This pure, creative power of God flows continually through the whole Creation. It is to be found everywhere: in the air, in every drop of water, in the growing rock, the struggling plant, the animal, and naturally also in man. Remember this as a sound of warning to you as you journey through this wonderful Creation that your happiness or unhappiness lies in your own hand.

Therefore raise your head proudly, and face everything freely and courageously. Evil cannot approach unless you call it! As you wish it, so will it happen to you!

In reporting the year 2016, a firm of some of my learned friends said they are grateful that despite the challenges of the year, they have reached the 2016 finish line, smiling as Usain Bolt. I quickly checked on the name Usain Bolt and was amazed that the young man is regarded as the fastest human ever timed. Wikipedia says he is the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records and due to his unprecedented dominance and achievements in the athletic field, he is widely considered the greatest sprinter of all time.

Interestingly, the young man’s surname says it all. BOLT. A quick check on one dictionary reveals that — to bolt is to run as quickly as you can. Have you heard of anyone named Abraham or Ibrahim? The name means father of nations. Someone who bore this name in ancient times really fulfilled, whilst many have not lived up to the expectation implied by this name despite the great opportunities afforded them!

How about Trump? Trump as a name has an old history of referring to trumpeters or makers of trumpets. In ordinary use however, to trump is to outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way. In the card game bridge, the trump card is the most powerful card in a particular round and defeats all the others. Originally trump implied a deceptive form of victory involving cheating, but that sense has been largely lost, though it’s still around in the term trumped up, meaning something that’s been falsely made up. For example, a politician may face trumped up charges that could ruin his career.

By Benson Etim

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