It’s no longer a news that the pandemic virus known as COVID-19 emanated from China as an epidemic has now become a pandemic that’s ravaging the entire world today, this has placed the Government of various states in the level of confusion thereby destabilizing the yearly forecast, predictions and budgets established to be achieved by various States in the same year.

Nigeria is not an exception, the pandemic virus began with a single individual said to have paved his way into the country from Italy known to have an outstanding cases.
This was overlooked by the Government thereby giving it less attention and also ignoring the measures meant to have been taken even at the earliest stage of the single case that all hands should have been on deck.

Today we have about 3000 cases justified and reported by the National Center for Diseases Control (NCDC) on the 5th May, 2020. This has got me worried in a country with about 4.1% poverty rate where do we start from.

After the permutations and the harmonization of brains, measures were fully subscribed by the government of the federation which includes; the lock down policy. The question today is how are we sustaining the lock down policy in other to curtail the Virus?

Here comes the Palliative…

Since the days of old, the masses lay down their right reciprocally for the state to protect them, this has brought us to today’s state of being.
The palliative so to say is not a privilege rather it’s the right of the citizens to Have that at their quota. The federal government has sent in huge amount of resources which aimed at reducing the hardship facing the vulnerable citizens who have been indoors for the sake of the Lock down.
My question here is that, who are the beneficiaries of the said palliatives provided by the Government either the federal or the state, how are they being given the palliatives, what is the ratio and where is the point of distribution?

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Just like Senator Muhammed Ali Ndume called for the questioning of those assigned with the responsibility of distributing the palliative materials,
I assure you that if this palliatives were distributed the way it ought to, people at home would have been committed towards fighting the pandemic unlike what we’re seeing today.

I applaud the individual and group of individuals who finds it deem fit to contribute their quota by distributing some palliatives to most vulnerable people on a personal note, I’ve seen many people performing the role that government should’ve but still failed to.

I am calling for the prob of those responsible for the distribution of the palliatives at all levels.

©Vandi Tanko

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