Exclusive Interview with Comrade Uselaw

Exclusive Interview with Comrade Uselaw

An exclusive interview session with Comrade Yusuf Tunde OLANREWAJU, popularly known as Uselaw.

Comrade Yusuf Tunde OLANREWAJU popularly known as USELAW was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Olanrewaju in the 90s, he was brought up in Oyan in Odo-Otin local government of Osun State, a native of Arogun Oparin by registration. He attended Folorunsho Memorial Nur/Pry School, and St. Joseph’s R.C.M Primary, both in Oyan, where he barged his primary school leaving certificate in 2006. He then furthered to Oyan Grammar School, now Oyan High School, still in Oyan between 2007 and 2013 where he held the post of Assistant Social Prefect boy in his final year.

Uselaw continued his academic pursuit in law from Kwara State College of Arabic, Islamic and Legal Studies, Ilorin, Kwara, where he was awarded Diploma Certificate in Common Law in 2016, he goes on in his career in Law and he is currently a student of Kwara State University, Ilorin on his journey to barge the LL.B Degree.

Yusuf Olanrewaju has served in different leadership capacities, including being a time-term National President of the Federation of Oyan, Asi Asaba, Students’ Union (FOAASU), former National Speaker of the Federation of Odo-Otin Students’ Union (FOSU), to mention but few. He is also a writer and an activist at Nigerian Students Right Activist (NSRA) Osun State Chapter.

He is an aspirant for the upcoming councillorship election in Oyan ward 15 under the umbrella of Africa Action Congress (AAC).

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N News: As an aspirant in this coming election, what triggered your interest in the said position?

Uselaw: Having observed how the governance run I come to think of it that, I can also do more than what the past leaders has done.
I got to know that I have destined to do great things as a concern youth in Oyan because I love serving my town even before joining politics.

N News: As youth what makes you think you are ready to take up the task?

Uselaw: It has been a longtime saying that Youths are leader of tomorrow, and I have been preparing myself for that tomorrow, but the question is, “when is the tomorrow?” I want to clearly state that our tomorrow has started now and I’m ready for the task.

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N News: Having been a two-term FOAASU National President, do you think you can perform better if elected as the Ward 15 councilor?

Uselaw: Yes, I do believe in myself, since served I as FOAASU NATIONAL PRESIDENT for two years, although it wasn’t an easy task but at the end I have the grace to record a successful administration, if I see nothing hard in heading 3 towns (Oyan city, Asi and Asaba) as a Student’s Union President, I will say that FOAASU has been the only students union body in Osun State comprising 3 towns, so what will take me from representing my Community/Ward in our Local Government level.

N News: Saying you served as two-term FOAASU president, don’t you feel councillorship can be more tasking as you are leading both young and old people of your ward, compared to leading students?

Uselaw: I never viewed it in that aspect, because I said in my respond to your early question, I said if serving FOAASU for Two Years and I can executed many projects which FOAASU Members and Oyan City Indigene can bear witness to, even though all those projects were executed with public financial assistant and with my own little fund, then I will say no task can be that hard because all fund for project will come from the government either Federal or State.

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N News: Can you tell us few of what you have in stock for your people if eventually you’re voted in?

Uselaw: Many things! I have many things in mind for my people and beyond, but I’ll prefer to start with youth empowerments, reason being that youths are my main target, putting them first in all things because they are the future of our nation, then I will be executing projects that will benefit my community/ward, I will engage my people in entrepreneurial trainings, farmers will be assisted, few days ago I visited our mothers at Cassava flour Factory and I can see what they are going through, I will assist them as well, Our students at all level will benefit, in term of academy support and others means. Without party discrimination, I will support the less privilege. I won’t mind spending the last kobo to achieve all this, I believe in God.

N News: You are contesting under the umbrella of AAC, s your chances of winning?

Uselaw: I know many people may see that as a reason not to support my ambition, but mind you it is not about party. Both PDP & APC all started one day, and believe me I’m not contesting seeing those party as my enemies but hopefully at the end of the race, I will see the ideology of our dear youths. It shouldn’t be about party but the candidate in the race.

N News: As a youth, what advice did you have for other youths like you?

Uselaw: Before my advice, I’ll like to say this to all youths reading this, kindly tell those that won’t be able to see this, that I, Comrade Uselaw has come and take a stand to challenge you all and I really want to know your stand as well. Are we really ready to stand on our own and take it back?
To my advice, never allow yourself to be used, make your stand now and place yourself at the right place, Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better. The only way to make tomorrow better is by taking it back.

N News: If emerged what will be your stand among other members of the cabinet?

Uselaw: Hopefully by God’s grace, I believe I will surely make the rightful stand, I will always stand as representative of the youths in whatsoever decision.
I’m going there as Youths Representative, without discrimination based on ward or party. I will always stand for the interest of our youths.

N News: Hope your people will not regret their votes for you?

Uselaw: Regret? FOAASU never regretted they voted me to lead them, there shall be no regret once they all have their trust in me. I’m not going there to represent myself but to represent my people.

N News: Thank you sir. What else do you have to say to the public?

Uselaw: Interviewer sir, thank you for the opportunity given to me to address you, I appreciate all fathers, mothers, family friends and supporters who has been giving their supports to this ambition since declaration, thanks to the Party for believing in my capacity to contest under the party and I say thank you for at least considering me.

It is my humble prayer that may God make it a done deal for we youths as we are ready to start our tomorrow now, I will be an ungrateful being if I fail to appreciate household in Oyan City for their love for me, whom name wouldn’t be mention and to all concern youths and voters of Ward 15, I’m coming back to thank you again, to Our Royal Father, OBA KILANI ADEYEYE OYEDARE OLUYEYE I, the Oloyan of Oyan City, may the King, Queen, and Princes/Princess live long (amen).


N News: Thank you Comrade Uselaw, it’s been an honor interviewing you.

Uselaw: You’re welcome sir.

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