June 12: Nigerians Attack MKO Abiola’s Son

June 12: Nigerians Attack MKO Abiola’s Son

Nigerians Attack MKO Abiola’s son over a statement made over the June 12, 1993 election that his father had the same intentions as President Buhari.

A lot of Nigerians has shown discord over a statement made by Late Chief MKO Abiola’s son, Jamiu Abiola that his father had the same intentions as President Buhari.

Jamiu Abiola who in a recent interview to mark democracy day said “My father and this President primarily have the same objective” has been heavily attacked.

DailyPost reported that some twitter user were thankful for the June 12, 1993 incident if only Abiola’s word were true.

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This is evident from this tweet from a Twitter user @Angelsgo2, who said “Thank God your father never became president.”

Another twitter user, @Nj99625368, who felt the same tweeted; “If the agenda your father had was to make Nigeria insecure for its citizens, then no wonder Babangida did not allow him to have a taste of his triumph. We must be wasting our time trying to remember him today then.”

Another similar opinion was that of @dirisy, who tweeted; “All these things happening in Nigeria both the good and bad was your father’s agenda?”

However, some felt Abiola was a disappointment to his late father because they feel his father, MKO Abiola will never be what his son claimed he was.

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That must have been @Sunnyx opinion when he tweeted; “Am sure you are not real son of Abiola.”

Likewise @lanreafo, who said; “It’s either you didn’t know your father or 2015 and 2019 should have taken the same path as the post-June 12 cancellation. This is because Abacha had ‘better’ agenda that Buhari.”

In other words, many Nigerians believed and still believe in the vision of the late Chief MKO Abiola which has just been proven in contrary to what his son believed in.

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