The Fight Against Insecurity in Nigeria, A Collective Effort The Fight Against Insecurity in Nigeria, A Collective Effort - Peter OLUSOLA

The Fight Against Insecurity in Nigeria, A Collective Effort

– Written by OLUSOLA Peter

We blame govt for insecurity, but security is our collective responsibility.

Those men who go about raping our women are our fellow Nigerians.

The Boko Haram causing havoc in North-East, most of them are Nigerians.

The Fulani-herdsmen that are destroying the whole Northern Nigeria are predominantly Nigerians.

We all have to stand up and fight insecurity. Let’s contribute in one way or the other in ensuring that our lives and properties are well secured.

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The criminals in our society have families, they have villages; people know them, for they have relatives.

Those who are to report them to the authority have turned themselves into a shield for them simply because they are their kinsmen. They seek to protect the “integrity” or “good name” of their families.

They seam to forget that some day, the evil perpetrators will descend either consciously or unconsciously on their own kinsmen.

Well, we can’t blame our people, they’ve lost the hope in the so called “the friends of the citizens,” that is, the Police.

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This is because the citizens are convinced that their safety is not guaranteed by the Police anymore.

As a result, they’ve lost confidence is stating their case before the police since they may even enter into a greater trouble if they so attempt alerting the police about the heinous deeds of those who continually disrupt the peace of the Nigerian states.

The further effect of this is the gentle adherence to the misconstrued old adage “Let the Sleeping Dog Lies.”

However, amidst all of these, couple with our bad political cum social systems, we have to take insecurity seriously.

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Let’s all rise and fight insecurity for the betterment of each and everyone of us. We’ve got to serve the course of our dreamed Nigeria for posterity sake.

Hence, let us as an individuals, bodies, association, social groups, religious institutions, indigenous groups amongst others, report any unusual activities in our neighbourhood.

Your safety is guaranteed. Report a case and safe a lot of souls.
Thank you!

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