Brazil at the verge of producing COVID-19 vaccine

– The Brazilian scientist are working round the clock to producing COVID-19 vaccine and end the global pandemic.

– The country has technology transfer agreement on their vaccines to enable them produce it themself.

It is recorded on a global scale that after the United States, the next most infested countries are found in the Latin America, with the spread rate considering high.

However, the vaccine producing skills and expertise of Brazil – being the global distributor of yellow fiver vaccine – is about to come to play as the country in advanced on two potential vaccines.

The leaders for two of the most advanced vaccine projects — one from Oxford University, in partnership with AstraZeneca labs, and one from China’s Sinovac — will carry out Phase Three tests, the last one before the drug is approved, on thousands of Brazilian volunteers.

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It is of record that only 3 three of the potential vaccines globally has reached the third phase of testing.

And Brazil won’t be short-changed either: both projects have technology transfer agreements that will enable the country to produce the vaccines themselves, should the tests prove conclusive.

With lockdown measures applied unevenly nationwide, Brazil — a country of continental proportions with 212 million inhabitants — has not managed to contain the pandemic, which is rapidly spreading inland.

Furthermore, one of the researchers at FIOCRUZ, the research organization producing the Oxford vaccine said Brazil is just the perfect testing ground for the vaccine as the virus is still very much active the country.

“The more volunteers are exposed to the virus, the greater chance to quickly prove the vaccine’s efficiency,” said Sue Ann Costa Clemens, a researcher at the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), which is in charge of carrying out tests for Oxford’s project on 5,000 Brazilian volunteers.

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