2020: A Year To Remember

2020: A Year To Remember

That fateful day of 31st December 2019; all sundry was hoping to see the first day of 2020. To many, it is their year, a year of good tidings.

Fast forward to March 2020, here comes the month where the vast majority of developed and even developing countries placed lockdown due to the surging dreadful Coronavirus or popularly known as COVID-19.

It all started in a small town located in the most populous country China, but the top nations of the world neglected it taking it to be one of those Chinese Viruses meant only for the Chinese citizens.

COVID-19 spread to almost all parts of the world, infecting thousands of people as of April. US, Italy, France, and Russia were the top countries COVID-19 was ravaging and snuffing the lives of her citizens.

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In my country Nigeria, its first trace was to an Italian man who came into the country from one the most hit COVID-19 country Italy. He infected his driver, and the transmission of the virus in Nigeria was rapidly fast and spread mainly to the big cities of the country.

Nigerian government placed a lockdown on its economic activities, schools, and all day to day activities of citizens to curb the rapid spread of the virus.

Furthermore, 2020 has been a year of different stages. The COVID-19 stage leading to a total lockdown on Economic activities in the country, the Kaduna killings stage, in which innocent lives are killed daily, and both federal and state governments are not coming to their dying plea of help—not forgetting the massive job loss and the unemployment rate and poverty increase in the country.

Indeed, this year will go down in history books. It has led to tremendous changes, both negative and positive.

Looking at the positive angle, so many companies, religious and learning institutions, and individuals have fully embraced the online train of the 21st century to satisfy and meet their day to day activities.

On a final note, the effect and changes brought by the dreadful COVID-19 will live with us for an extended period.

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