Turning Point of Nigeria Protest

Turning Point of Nigeria Protest


According to poet Friedrich Hebbel (1837); “we must not complain that all things be fleeting. That which is most transient, if it really touches us awakens within us something is lasting”.

What is steering the mind of Nigeria Youths for this clarion call of awakening? The solution to this question lies in the law of the Cycle, according to which everything must in the end return to its origin just as blood and water circulate in the body, ever again the blood must return to the heart; while the water which as vapour rises from the ocean into the atmosphere, returns from there in liquid or solid form to the dry land.

All these stated above describe the current situation in Nigeria, a country where the corrupt Rulers (not leaders because a good leaders always do the rightful things that promote growth and prosperity of country no matter the challenges involves), only enrich themselves and their future generations also exhorting the poor citizens with all this Wrong Policies, High cost of Government, Cost of Living, Emblezement of Public Fund and Insecurity of Lives and Properties etc.

The rise of the voice in the wilderness that give birth to the Theme “#EndSARS which surface as all negative activities that is taken place in Nigeria since the time of Independent”. The #EndSARS which as reformed and transform into Corner Stone now know as “Soro-Soke” meaning “Voice Out”.

This peaceful protest carry out by the youths of this country as been hijacked by various fraction of thugs to create violences in various part of the country, most of the thugs have been hired to turn the peaceful protest into riots and destruction of properties.

It is shameful our leader don’t know the meaning of Presidential System of Government that is the reason for the use of military personnels, paying of thugs to disrupt and use of curfew is not the way out of this ugly pandemic eating deep in our country.

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The Lekki Tollgate Black Tuesday and other ugly incidents happening in various part of the country as proven that the present government lack psychological approach to relate with humans.

For instance the President is yet to address the youths still waiting for his ready made speech to be constructed for him to say “My Fellow Nigerians”, this has showed ignoramus part of the president who is unable to show concern about the peace of this nation called Nigeria.

May the gentle souls of those who lost their lives during this holocust event awaken to joyful activities of God, Amen.
God bless Nigeria, God heal our land!!!

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