What You Must Know About Young Nigerian Gospel Artiste, MickyPraise

What You Must Know About Young Nigerian Gospel Artiste, MickyPraise

An exclusive interview with the upcoming gospel musical artiste, MickyPraise, who exemplary life and career as reflected the love of Christ.

Question: Can we meet you ma?
MickyPraise: I am Miracle Godswill an English Student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University.
I’m a gospel minister, I write and am into the fashion industry too.
I am from Abia State, Nigeria.

Question: What is your igbo name?
MickyPraise: Ezinne

Question: Ezinne!
Good mother right?
MickyPraise: Yeah.

Question: How does growing up in a contemporary igbo society look like?
MickyPraise: Adventurous!
In summary, it is quite adventurous.

Question: Adventurous
Wow! So what do you do?
MickyPraise: Laughs*
I do a lot of things.

Question: Can you break it down
MickyPraise: I have the ability to do a lot of things brotherly,
So what aspect of the doing are you asking of?
Okay… I’m a music minister
A writer and an ardent follower of Christ.

Question: As a Gospel Minister what is your motivation?
MickyPraise: Love!
The love that singled me out.
The same love I want every and anyone, I meet to identify with.

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Question: What type of writing do you do?
And what inspire your writings?
MickyPraise: Spirit and life.
That’s funny right? I guess your next question will be is that a type of writing. Laughs*

Well, my writings are my channels for soul winning. I try to communicate life which only the master gives through those letters and words.

I’m a good thinker, I try to communicate the products of my thought through writing, my experiences and lessons are seen in my writings most times.

Well….. I’ve not paid so much attention to this area of my life. Don’t worry you’ll hear more of me soon.

What You Must Know About Young Nigerian Gospel Artiste, MickyPraise
Singer MickyPraise

Question: “…Ardent follower of Christ”? Wow!

You are born again Christian then. How did you encounter Christ?
And what has been your challenges as an ardent follower of Christ?

MickyPraise: Uhmmmm
Yes, I’m born again. I choose to call myself a lover of God.

Well, I was born into a spiritual home, note that I didn’t say religious lol.
My parents are ministers, so I practically lived in the church.
I loved church activities, I evangelized, sang in the choir, engaged in a lot of religious practices in the children and Teens department respectively, but I can say that I was just being religious.

I think my journey with God started 2013, when I was in SS2. I gave my life to Christ and was baptized. It was and is worthwhile.

It wasn’t all juicy, I had a major fall as I continued (University days), but His love picked me up. I met great people in the university. God used them to redirect my life. That was the beginning of a great chapter in my life.

Question: You are also a business woman and the CEO of Prime Collections. What motivated you to venture into fashion?

MickyPraise: I love fashion, I love people who love fashion. It’s a sector I want to influence.

I love people looking decent, charming, classy, simple and godly. So why not help them get there?

Question: I can see you are into many things. How do you manage all these things Music, writing, Academics, business, etc.
MickyPraise: Laughs*. All I can say is I know how to break down, but I sure know how to stay strong too through Christ that strengthens me.

Question: Are you in a relationship?
MickyPraise: Woooh! Of course. Several relationships

First, I’ve been in love with God for years now, and I’m not planning to quit.

I’ve got my family, my siblings, mum and my late father, colleagues, friends and the rest.

Question: Ok
Maybe I’m supposed to ask …Are you in a love Relationship or are you in courtship?
MickyPraise: Laughs*. I’m single sir.

Question: What is your selling point?
MickyPraise: I never knew I was going to sell myself in this interview oo. Oya na, any interested buyer. My selling point is my love for God

Na person wey love God, Dem dey want ooo.

Question: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
MickyPraise: In the next five years… I see a mighty and dangerous vessel in the hands of the creator in different sectors and facets of life.

I see an amazing wife and a great mother. Right on a pedestal of glory, that’s where I see myself.

Question: What advise do you have for other young people out there?
MickyPraise: Love God
Discover self and purpose
Keep pushing!
Keep trusting!
Keep loving!
Keep learning!

You’ll get there.

Thank you for finding the time to talk to us!
MickyPraise: Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure!

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