Lai Mohammed’s Character Questionable? See How  Nigerians Hold The Minister

Lai Mohammed’s Character Questionable? See How Nigerians Hold The Minister

You will agree with me that the worth of a man is known by the people’s regard of him, regardless of his socio-political status quo.

A man is without doubt, defined by his sincerity and faithfulness to his words, even when faced with the deadliest challenge or temptation.

A man whose identity is synonymous with insincerity, hollowness and dishonesty is unarguably with a questionable character.

But can we say the same with our dear minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed? Can we say the Minister has a questionable character?

Firstly, what are some of the things that bring disrepute and devaluation to human beings?

Disrepute simply means a state when one lack or have low or declining reputation, a state of ignominy.

While growing up, I was taught to be mindful of my reputations which is very essential. How do I do that? I was taught a man must stay by his word at all times, against all odds.

And now, I wonder if the same moral wasn’t there before I was born or perhaps, my parent’s sense of responsibility is different from those of our political luminaries.

Or perhaps, Nigerian way of politics has a way of influencing the morality of the key players and political icons.

Disgraceful remarks followed the recent announcement of the honorable minister of information, Lai Mohammed, on the surging cases of the coronavirus disease across the country.

Lai Mohammed had announced that the federal government have no plan of declaring another lockdown as feared by many, as the cases of the respiratory disease keeps increasing. A statement which is meant to set the nation at ease.

But it is rather unfortunate that the highest percentage Nigerians have no iota of trust in the speech of the information minister.

This isn’t fiction or imaginative, rather a reality, proven by the outburst of the citizens under the #hashtag Lai Mohammed trending on Twitter.

It however seems like Twitter is the only avenue for citizens to freely express their minds over any event or happening that is not pleasing to them.

Back to the pending issue, in series of tweets relating to the “Lai Mohammed” hash tag on Twitter, Nigerians have been told to make up their mind to embark on another weeks or may be months of lockdown as they believed the Minister might have said the opposite of what the actual truth is.

But why is this so? To many, the minister’s could have fit him perfectly if the initial is changed to the right letters that match the diction.

However, the Minister must have had past records of what could be ascribed as false information to make the citizens doubt the sincerity of the speech.

Let’s take a look at some of the tweets going viral about Lai Mohammed’s statement on the second phase of lockdown:

While we dive in, I’ll like us to start from this tweet of @EffiomAsuquo3 that reads; “Lai Mohammed says ‘Nigeria has no plans to impose fresh lockdown’ Since it’s coming from this cap, hope you know what it means.”

It could have been better if it’s a view of just a personality, but diving further into people’s opinion, we saw, yet more disturbing review of a man of such high caliber.

See this tweet by another user; “Whatever Lai Mohammed says, just believe the opposite.”

Here, yet another one; “Lai Mohammed says Nigeria has no plans to impose fresh lockdown, since it’s coming from Lai Mohammed, atink we should be preparing for lockdown, because lie choke for that man side.”

And even more… “If Lai Mohammed says there won’t be a lockdown, I think we should prepare for a lockdown.”

Is this man, Lai Mohammed really the inverse of his utterance? A question with no substantial proof to dispel as fake. And yet, another embarrassing comment on the political luminary;

“I actually think Nigerians should prepare their hearts for lockdown

1. UK just issued a 6weeks lockdown and we like copy and paste in Nigeria

2. Anything Lai Mohammed says is often the opposite.”

This user has gone extra length to provide us with a previous statement by the information minister, in which he ascribed the statement as a blatant denial of an earlier statement.

“Lai Mohammed on social media:

‘If we don’t regulate social media, it will destroy us. If China can control over 1.3 billion people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling 180 million people.’

Went on live TV and denied it all.


If we have to go over more comments by the concerned citizens, it would be nothing but sheer disgrace and heartbreak for the citizens of the country both home and abroad as those reactions are nothing but confirmation of a failed nation.

But before I drop my pen, let’s have a look at @InyangEagle’s comment; “@FemAdesina is bewild at the lies that is coming out Lai Mohammed’s mouth, he is like Wtf. . . . Man! You can lie Whalahi!”

And lastly, a direct expression of all the adjectives being used by the previous authors of all of our quoted posts;

“If it’s Lai Mohammed, it’s a lie”

Then, should we say our dear minister who is a cynosure of international eyes has a questionable character which is synonymous to lies and publicity fraud?

Or perhaps, we could lure it to our corrupt political setting, which the president himself had earlier confirmed, by affirming that Nigerians are corrupt?

Alas, the kind of character suitable for the post he holds as it would be better to keep the citizens in the dark regarding the trending issues of the country that could attract people’s attention?

Either ways, it is pertinent to note that for a lie to stand, a bigger lie must rest on it, and if the toll continues, it forms an inverted pyramid.

And what happens when heavy load rests on lighter load? It crushes the lighter load and everything atop it falls, just exactly the lie pyramid crumbles.

Conclusively, I will say that the country can not be safe when the citizens have no trust in the information being passed to them from its source.

What we need in this country is revolution. Not political revolution or secession, but an individual revolution.

Every Nigerian need to be reorientate in many aspects, especially in the socio-political way of life. Without that, we would continue to wander round the same circle and be returned to where we began, without anything changing.

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